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Fitness Factory is a 4900 sq. foot fitness center that offers state-of -the-art strength and cardiovascular exercise equipment.

We specialize in personal training  and fitness coaching to ensure optimal results. We have a state-of-the-art fitness studio within the fitness center where all of our exercise classes are held. We will offer Sony surround sound for your listening pleasure and to keep you moving. Of course, we also have restrooms, Wi-Fi, televisions, cable, courteous staffs and more. Additional to that, we offer free parking for those of you who drive!

Plain and simple, it’s a nice place to get your sweat on. We look forward to seeing you!

Personal Training

Personal training should be safe, fun and promote good health through diet, exercise and physical training. Each program starts with a comprehensive evaluation and goal setting, discussing the clients’ health history, family history and physical abilities or limitation which is a key point in designing a personalized physical fitness program for the individual. Every client will receive professional motivation and coaching throughout the entire program, ensuring that goals are met.

To find out more, call us at (202) 723-1063 and talk to one of our Fitness Specialists!