Precision Engineered – Hardcore Creatine



Creatine is an excellent supplemental choice for athletes and hardcore bodybuilders because it enhances the ability to produce higher muscular force, especially during short bouts of maximal exercise.**

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This can result in increased reps during lifting.** As a key player in energy transfer within muscles, Creatine supports muscle size, strength, growth, power and recovery from high-intensity exercise.** Just mix a teaspoon of Hardcore Creatine Powder with your favorite juice to help volumize your muscle cells.** Be sure to follow it up with plenty of water!

Pharmaceutical Grade formula
- Helps promote athletic performance**
- Helps increase strength and power**
- Is especially good during short-term, high intensity exercise**

Just mix a teaspoon with your favorite juice or other glucose-containing liquid

Our vegetarian-friendly powder contains no sugar, preservatives, artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners

Benefits may vary. Use in conjunction with an intense daily exercise program and a balanced diet including an adequate caloric intake.


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